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Why photography?

It's quite easy to remember the recent past...but what about going back just year or two? Will your memory serve you when you try to recall family and friends and the events that mattered most?

Choose to document your life with quality photography!

Whether it's a fun and spontaneous snapshot that captures the perfect moment, or a posed arragement for family portraits, we help make memories last.


our lights, our camera...your Action


Cuadra's Fine Photography offers more than just great photos. Add our video services to your event for a more complete memory of the occasion.

Gather your friends and family to re-live those moments with a DVD copy to playback at any time.


Keep in touch...and Retouch

Before After

Every family has their box of prized keepsakes...but dig to the bottom and look for those poor photos with torn corners or faded colors. Why should they sit there in a box when they should be admired hanging on the wall?

With the help of digital restoration, old or damaged photos can be enhanced and repaired, while staying true to the original image. Whether it's dust, scratches, faded colors or even a photo torn in half, we can fix it.

Contact us to find out how we can restore your fragile or damaged photos and help you stay in touch with your past.